Friday, December 7, 2012

Quickie in the Workshed

Hey Stitchers!  Nick The Stitch here with a quick blog, since I have to get up at the ungodly hour of 5AM tomorrow.  However, there apparently will be coffee, so it'll be good.

I mentioned yesterday that I had a couple new toys available for fun and profit.  I just finished varnishing and burning them with their respective designs.  They're very useful, here's...

...the Carpenter's Business Card Caddy!  Handy!  Dandy!  With dovetailed joints and an inviting burned design wanting you to remember the person you just met!  They come in one piece (I have a pair in the pic to show with and without cards) and are protected against major elements, bumps, bruises, zombie apocalypses, and so on.  Available through Second Chances Art's webstore (or if you're going to be in Mount Dora, Florida this weekend, come by Booth H16 and say Blogspot sent you), approximate size 2.5"H x 3.5"W x 2"D.

And then there's this guy, he's a real help...

...the Playing Card Pal!  Ever have those occasions when you just can't hold all those cards in your hand, or need an easier and more convenient way to organize them?  This guy is perfect for kids and adults alike, are woodburned and varnished for poker-room action, and comes in a set of 4 Pals and a deck of cards!  Available through Second Chances Art's webstore (or stop by Booth H16 while I have a set to offer, but don't worry, anything you see on this blog site is available for orders!), approximate size 0.75"H x 10"W x 2"D.

So that's the new stuff you'll find in our booth (H16) over in Renninger's Flea Market and Antique Fairgrounds in Mount Dora this Saturday and Sunday from 8AM-4PM.  We'll also have our cedar and reclaimed clocks (outhouse AND birdhouse), holiday decorations, and much, much more.  We'll also have our 10% discount program (powered by Square).  I hope to see you there, but if you miss this weekend fear not, there will be more opportunities!

In the meantime, stay awesome and have a great evening!  Thank you Stitchers!

-Nick Moore

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