Saturday, December 22, 2012

New Product With Photos! Home Decor at its Finest!

Hey Stitchers!  Nick the Stitch here and glad you are too!  So, how'd that apocalypse thing go for you?  Guess I shouldn't've told my neighbors where they can stick their... well, anyway.  It's been a great day for me, because I finally got to making something I've been dying to build since I was running Custom Glen Woods last year.

And there's PHOTOS!  Howsabout that? :D

I'm sure you'll agree with me, that corners in almost any room of a home, apartment, or office are probably the most under-used part of the place, right?  I mean, it's hard to find good decor that fits easily, stores small knickknacks, framed photos, momentos, etc. really easy, and best of all keeps the flow of the room's layout consistent in an out-of-the-way manner.  You can't really find it at IKEA, and Hell-Mart doesn't have anything that is sturdy enough for puppies, roommates, or weekends at Bernie's.  What is one to do?

Well, I have the answer... Corner Curio Bookcases.

(approx. size: 42"H x 10"D/side x 14-5/8"W/front)

The CCB is conveniently sized for maximum storage with minimum space impact, and offers three 12" tall spaces and a sturdy top panel.  This particular version is the economy model, but we do offer other versions (like birch, pine, and yes we can do cedar for the executive-class-type shoppers).

In addition to the convenience, the CCB also offers...

...shelving slots in both side panels, one at the end and the other in the middle of each panel, to ensure stability and weight distribution without the fear of saggy shelves.  I've had stuff from Office Depot and Hell-Mart that I paid a king's ransom for, and those things couldn't handle a bunch of DVD cases.  THIS, however, is literally embedded into the sides far enough that it simply won't bend.

Don't you just hate when things fly off to parts unknown, and you have to go under furniture and bookcases and coffee tables to find it with a flashlight and a Sherpa guide?  We hear you...

...and have you covered, with a dovetailed kickplate!  (approx. size 4"H x 13-5/8"W)  It slides into the top and is practically flush with the side ends on the front.  Plus it literally goes to the floor, so very little will ever get into that space.  Plus you can always take the kickplate off when you need to move the CCB!

Which brings me to the best part...

...the mark of a true woodcrafter or carpenter is that he or she builds stuff that doesn't need glue or screws in order to stay in one piece.  And with the CCB, we've done it!  Using a simple low-tech wood engineering trick, the parts fit together perfectly and tightly snug, and can be taken apart with a little elbow grease.  No glue, unless you feel you need it.  No screws, either.  Just simple basic carpentry tricks that allow you to pick the CCB up by the top panel, and not have the CCB fall apart!  It literally is built to contain itself against itself!

Which does bring us to one particular thing of noting... because the wood pieces are so tight, if you want to paint or stain the CCB, we highly recommend you assemble it completely before doing so.  Paint and stain will cause the pieces to expand to the point you cannot assemble it afterwards, and also you will not be able to disassemble it afterwards either.  But considering the light weight and the openness, if you needed to move it, it conveniently cubbyholes stuff in a moving truck as well!

So if you've got a lot of chotchkies or cherished items that need a comfy place in a sunny corner, or any corner, we'll be happy to ship the Corner Curio Bookcase to you!  Find out more by either hitting the Second Chances Art webstore, eBay, or contact us by email at for details.  We'd love to help you have a more awesome new year, so let us know how you want to roll things.

Stay awesome and happy holidays from Ocala, Florida!

--Nick The Stitch

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