Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Event: NTS is Hanging Out at Renningers!

Hey there, Stitchers!  Nick the Stitch here along with my partner in crime, Second Chances Art, and I know it's been a few days since I posted on here.  Don't worry, I wasn't dead.  Not entirely, at least.  Though coffee is an excellent potion to restore life in a person.

Anyhoo.  Getting off topic.

I wanted to post on here when I had something to post, and being that I had an event to do and a lot of production to do, I wanted to offer a heads-up.  So here it is.

St. Theresa's "Kris Kringle Festival":  Yes, they did upgrade my booth to right across the aisle from the main hall.  However... they only had about 7 or 8 total vendors for the festival, and it drew such a low turnout that even the clowns were paying the kids to take their balloon animals.  But that's okay, because we still had a great time and the crowds we did get were definitely in the holiday spirit.

Hey, sometimes it gets slow!  That's just how these things go, it's not all Sawgrass Mills all the time.  And SCA and I did excellent, considering there was a previously-unknown-about yard sale going on right behind my booth with about 15 vendors.  Personally, though, those guys were an animal shelter and, having a pound puppy myself, I do wish we had had a bigger crowd to help support them.

Upcoming Event Notice!: Yep, just as the blog title says, we're going to be hitting Renninger's Flea Market and Antique Fairgrounds this Saturday and Sunday, December 8th and 9th (and with a little luck, the 22nd and 23rd) from 8AM to 4PM.  This weekend we'll be at Booth H16 in the covered pavillion, just look for something like this...

and this...

hell, just look for this... you'll know you found us!

Could that *gasp* possibly be... Nick The Stitch?

Only one way to find out!  Hit Renninger's Flea Market and Antique Fairgrounds in Mount Dora, Booth H16, this Saturday and Sunday (Dec. 8/9) from 8AM to 4PM and see for yourself!  And if you can't wait for that event, and you want some awesome stuff, or just want to see some of the crazy stuff I make from brainstorming with SCA, just hit our webstore.

A huge thank-you to everyone who has patiently waited for me to pop up like a whack-a-mole.  I will have another post tomorrow night, because I may have some new products.  Let's just say I might get a little philosophical about tools, but if you are someone who uses tools or knows someone who does, it might be interesting.  And dangit, if you like what you read in the posts, comment!!  I don't bite off people's heads for that (at least, not unless it's before my morning coffee....) so fire away!

In the meantime, stay awesome and be good because it's Santa season.  And I will leave you with this one deep thought...

"I hate being bi-polar... it's AWESOME!"

-Nick The Stitch

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