Thursday, November 1, 2012

Welcome to November... support the local craftsman in Summerfield, Florida, since the holidays are here and I've got too much stuff to store and you need something OTHER than fruitcakes or regifted garbage from last holiday season to give your loved (or not-so-loved) friends and relatives!

Now I know what you're thinking, Planet Earth... "Why should I get anything from a local craftsman in Summerfield, Florida, when a fruitcake or garbage I can regift from last holiday season is so much easier -- and cheaper -- at Wal-Mart?"

Well, here's your sign... QUALITY!  You won't find at Wal-Mart the high-quality care and craftsmanship I use in my products.  Hell, you won't even find ANY care or craftsmanship at Wal-Mart, because THEY don't use Americans to make the products they sell -- in addition to Chinese slave-labor, they don't even give their employees health care or vacation/sick time!  I'm a red-blooded American, born and raised in Florida, and while I may not be Bob Vila or Bob Ross or Bob Your Buddy, I care about making sure MY products last longer than the batteries that run them.

And let's be honest... when was the last time a big-box store slave -- err, employee -- not only knew where the products you were looking for were located, let alone even knew what the product you were looking for was without having a 20-minute search for an assistant manager to access the UNIVAC that had the map in it?

If you want to be re-invited to a party next year, get the gifts that will tell them, "I care enough about you that, while I spent a few bucks more on Nick The Stitch than the fruitcake at Wal-Mart would've cost, I think you'd appreciate some genuine, handcrafted American talent."

Shop away, I will be thrilled to make more.  And if you want, yes, I will in fact drop-ship and even mass-ship.  Just email me at or call me at 614-321-5009.  I can even take credit/debit over the phone, thanks to the boys at Square.

Why are you still reading this blog????  SHOP!!!  Support the AMERICAN Economy!

Oh... and stay awesome!  Thanks for all you do.


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