Thursday, November 29, 2012

Leveling-up in Woodworking

Hey Stitchers!  Nick the Stitch here and really glad you're here with the gang.  It's been a pretty good day and the weather was warm and sunny and absolutely perfect for building wood stuff and stuff.  SCA and I have been working hard to get enough merchandise ready for St. Theresa Roman Catholic Church's "Kris Kringle Festival" coming up on Saturday and today is no different.

Except today, I made my first complex dovetail, and my first dovetail ever.

For those who might be new, I do a bit of building small things out of wood.  I recently finished about 24 wood clocks (12 outhouse clocks, 12 birdhouse clocks; 6 of each were out of reclaimed wood and another 6 of each were out of red cedar so fresh it was still showing a bit of sap in the grains), and in the past I've done about 5 or 6 oil bottle storage boxes.

One of the things I was really looking forward to building, when I was running my previous company Custom Glen Woods, was a corner curio bookcase for home decor.  It was 42" tall, 10" on a side with a 14-1/8" front.  Unfortunately I never got a chance to build it then, because of financial hardships of relocating, my truck blowing up more than Buster from "MythBusters", and life in general.

However, the Universe has been kind to me over the past several months and now that I can breathe a little in my life, I am building bigger and more complicated stuff now.

Like... my corner curio bookcase.  And today I achieved something I've been itching to do for a long time, a complex dovetail.  Like this....'re looking at the kickplate dovetailed into the bottom shelf.  And that was my first dovetail ever!  Took a crapload of math, as I did have a template for the pieces but they were all general-sized, not including the dovetails, which I had to mentally do the math as I drew the teeth.

Best part is, it was very nicely snug.  And if there's any wiggle in the whole structure when I get finished cutting the shelf slots and putting it together tomorrow, a coat of paint will fix that.

And yes, that is plyboard, but if you want I can do it in birch too.  In theory I could also do it in red cedar, but that's not for the financially timid (though you could brag to your friends and coworkers!)  If you want to order a corner curio bookcase (or two, or however many), hit up Marylin at Second Chances Art with an email and tell her Nick The Stitch sentcha.

Oh, one more thing... aside from a couple pilot holes drilled for access to cut out the shelf slots, I've done the entire thing with a saber saw.  No glue.  No screws.  Just a saber saw.  It's a damn good saber saw.  Well I did use a sander to smooth the surfaces, but it's cut entirely by saber saw and needs no glue or screws... unless you feel you really need it.

Will have more photos tomorrow night in my pre-festival lineup, so until then, stay awesome!

-Nick The Stitch

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