Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I'm not dead! Yet, at least....

Hey there, Stitchers!  Nick the Stitch here, a little tired, a bit cold and sore but super awesome thanks for asking!  That is correct, I'm not dead.  I have been working really hard on a collab effort with Second Chances Art on some really cool, handcrafted products for the upcoming festival this Saturday at St. Theresa Roman Catholic Church.

St. Theresa is a little community-center church and school nestled in Belleview, on 301 just west of 441/27.  We had an opportunity to work with them as a vendor during their Fall Festival and had an absolutely great time.  If you haven't been to one of their events, and you're out of ideas on what to get friends or family for the holidays -- whether it's Xmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, Solstice, or any other occasion or reason, even to just treat yourself to something nice -- then you have to hit this event.

We'll be at Booth #73, right across from the Main Hall, and yes there's plenty of parking, food and music, and awesome stuff to buy.  Also, yes, we will still be running our famous 10% discount when you pay for your entire purchase by credit/debit card (courtesy of those crazy cool guys at Square).

What will we have at this event?  Let's see... where to even start?

  • Wood clocks!  These beautiful handcrafted clocks go great on a wall or on a desktop, in either a birdhouse- or outhouse-style design.  Adding to the luxurious nature, they also come in either reclaimed wood or rich red cedar wood so fresh it was still purple when we got it.  They're varnished, have a battery-powered clock motor, and come with a battery in it as well as hands.
  • Doorstops!  Two-toned in rich red cedar and creamy pine, and varnished, these babies can take a beating and still hold the door open for you like the gentleman who makes them!  They come in 5-inch and 6-inch lengths.
  • Wood tree angel decorations!  Cute, country, a bit abstract and so heart-warming that you simply have to see them to believe it.  Ready to hang right out of the bag.  Best part is these angels are merciful on the environment, using wood that would've ended up in the landfill if we hadn't rescued it.
  • Scenery fences and woodpiles!  Great for the train scene or table landscaper in your family or friends, made of real tree branches, decorated and varnished for extra appeal and durability.  Don't just tell them you like what they do, add to it with a personal touch!
And if I'm really, really lucky....
  • Corner Curio Bookcase!  42" tall, 10" on a side, easy to assemble and disassemble for maximum portability, extremely light but cohesively stable thanks to a low-tech, simple trick in carpentry that requires no glue or screws!  (That is, unless you want to use some on it.  Point is, we make the CCB so that you won't need it.)  4 shelves, with three 12" tall spaces and a 4" kickplate.
  • Red cedar cubes and chunks for home decor!  Excellent, natural and effective bug repellant for closets, dressers, storage units, or general ambience.  We had quite a bit of leftover cedar wood after building all the stuff we've built in the past month that we couldn't just throw it away, so we got out our band saw and chopped these awesome-smelling pieces for ease and convenience.
If any of these sound like stuff you could use, stop by St. Theresa's Roman Catholic Church this Saturday (Dec 1st) from 8AM-2PM, or better yet why not email Second Chances Art for queries and prices?  Tell them Nick the Stitch sent you, everytime they hear that they give me an extra ration of bread and circuses.

Until next time, stay awesome.  Photos will be in the next day or so!

-Nick The Stitch

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