Friday, November 9, 2012

Holiday Wishes and Caviar Cabinets....

Hey Stitchers!  Nick The Stitch here to share some wisdom and insight on some woodworking things you may or may not be wanting to know.  What do they have to do with me?  Not only do I want to know, I want to use them and I'm fairly sure someone out there in Radio Land does too.

So here goes...

Okay, as some of you might know, I do dabble in woodworking.  If you have seen my Rustic Wood Clocks (now being sold through Second Chances Art, a collaborative effort), you know I can throw some wood together, yeah, so what, right?

Well, here's what you may not know about stuff I've built.  For one thing, I used to build and carve oil bottle storage boxes for my former company, Custom Glen Woods, down in Dania Beach, Florida.  Before I left South Florida, I also had a half-decent Foredom carving drill.  Since I moved up here to North Florida, I've built garden borders and planters, as well as decorative trusses, and the other weekend I devoted an entire day to cutting, laying and drilling plywood flooring in the front foyer room (which is not as easy as it looks, but then it's not exactly something I do regularly).

Now to the point of this post....

I have a shopping list of things I plan to build over the next few months:
  1. a computer desk with drawers and a cubby space;
  2. an art desk with a hideaway easel;
  3. apparently I'm being commandeered to enclose the front porch in screened windows and a couple doors;
  4. I'm also being commandeered to lay CDX plywood flooring for said front porch as well, preferrably BEFORE I screen it in; and
  5. a cedar footlocker/blanket chest for sale.  As in entirely in cedar.  Which is great against bugs.
Here's what I've been knocking around... you CAN actually DIY screen windows and DIY screen doors, and you don't need those god-awful metal railings, especially if it's for the outdoors where things won't be pressing against them easily to gain access.

Plus, when I get the birch 4x8 sheets and map out the pieces for the computer and art desks (and the cedar for the chest), well, let's face reality right now.  I am very good with a saber saw (which is also called a "jig saw" except that a jig saw is a different saw than a saber saw, it does the same thing but finer cuts), I am getting good with a coping saw, and I'm half-decent with a circular saw.

But I'm going to be needing something a bit heavier-duty to cut that much bulk wood, plus the 2x4s and landscaping timbers.  I could do it with what I have now, but I need a tool that has a guide bar to it, so I know I can get the accuracy I need ("Our door was built straight, but our door frame is out of line slightly.  And you can't just build a door out of line slightly!")

So I'm going to give myself a huge present on Thanksgiving weekend (probably closer to Sunday than Friday)... I'm going to be hunting deals, and when I find a good one, I am going to get....

...a portable standing table saw.  I know Lowes has deals all the time, but let's face it, when it comes to the uber-cool toys, there is no better time to buy than the holiday season.  A few weeks ago I saw a decent-powered one for just under $100, and the heavy-duty portables go for $150-190 right now.  But I'd be willing to bet I could get a heavy-duty for less than $150, even as clearance.

And why not?  I already have a drill press.  I already have a band saw.  I already have a two-handed pad sander.  I already have pretty much all the tools I can get away with.  Don't get me wrong, I'd love to get a router, but I can use my wood chisels for that.  Now all I'd need is enough wood to Get It Done.

The only question left is... what do I build first?  Expect a crapload of photos of the porch, the patio, the wood, the various stages of building, and the finished product.  Bob Vila would be so damn proud.

Okay, nighties all!  Stay awesome!

-Nick The Stitch

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