Friday, October 19, 2012

Updates on ROAK Technology and Halloween

Hey Stitchers!  Nick The Stitch here after a long day with a lot of really cool things done today.  It's just been an amazing time today, and I wanted to share an update on the equipment a neighbor gave me yesterday from a ROAK.  After the update, I do have a reminder about something important for Halloween, but...

...let's get to my new toys, shall we?

Last night, I sprayed the screws and bolts on the 20" Craftsman band saw and the B&D two-handed sander (it's got the usual long handle, and the other handle is a knob on the front top that you can grab for extra oomph) and let them soak til morning.  Figured it'd help loosen them up, and it did pretty good.

So in the morning I took the band saw apart, toyed with some of the stuff on there and got acquainted with it.  Turns out that a band saw isn't necessarily like a table saw, in that it's more like a scroll saw with a bit more power and stability for curves.  That's okay, because I can definitely work with that.  Going to be doing a LOT of practice this weekend to get the hang of it.

The sander is simply the badass-est one I've ever taken for a test drive.  I could do some serious damage with it, especially with the table-top workstation that can hold onto it a lot better than the ground-standing workstation I have now.  It will come in handy a LOT when I make more Whackadoo Toy Sets, especially for upcoming events (which I may post about on Monday for at least one of them).

In addition, I'm getting an 8" drill press from another neighbor on Wednesday at a helluva deal.  He uses his older, cast iron press more, so knowing I'm working on building my capabilities, he sold this one to me.  Best part is, it not only takes drill bits, but augers and core bits too!  No more worrying about alignment of the holes!  Super awesome!

The only downside today was that my saber saw's bevel gears failed on me, so I have to go get another one on Wednesday.  But that's fine, because believe me, I've got PLENTY to do til then.  And considering that thing lasted almost 18 months (about 6 with my dad's abusive usage) and it only cost me about $45, and all the things I've cut with it, I can't complain.

So now... onto the reminder about Halloween...

Halloween is fast approaching, and we know you've got some kids who might want a really cool pin...

...or reversible hair elastic to wear for the season.  We've got you covered.  In fact, we've slashed prices and shipping costs like Freddy, so there's no excuses as to why you can't spook things up with style.  Just hit the Etsy Store under "Halloween" and grab them while you still can!  They're going faster than a hungry zombie at a "Jeopardy!" convention!  Plus we have more stuff for games, home decor, and Goddess only knows what else!

Well, I gotta get going, so I will see you tomorrow.  In the meantime, stay awesome and hey... if you have tools or stuff that you don't or can't use anymore, and you happen to know someone or someplace that might be able to use them, why not commit a ROAK yourself and give those items to them?  You might inspire that person or organization into greatness, and you get extra karma points.

Just sayin'.

-Nick The Stitch

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