Thursday, October 11, 2012

Things I Learned Today and an Update

Hey Stitchers!  Nick The Stitch here with a cold one of your choice on tap, because it's Happy Hour somewhere right now!  And I'm very, very happy to have you here, I know you could be anywhere you wanted...

...hey!  Hey!!  Eyes here buddy!  Okay, I'll make this quick and (relatively) painless.

First the update.  Project Shark Jump Fail is halfway-done, got the parts made, just need to get everything painted and assembled, that's on my to-do list for after morning coffee.  Had to spend some time manufacturing a custom-made clock for a client, which is kinda fun.  Was upcycling used wood, which is a tempermental thing in itself.  (Note: I used fresh pine for Shark tho.)

But other than that, the Shark is jumping well.  Just need about 3 hours to get the thing wrapped up altogether, most of that's just the glue and paint drying.

Now for the Thing Nick Learned Today While Working on Wood...

...which is, if you've got a wood-coring drill bit in a certain size, don't be lazy and use an auger drill bit of the same size.  There's probably a damn good reason it's available, like, I dunno, it's more stable in mid-use?

12 days until I get my scroll saw... and then I can really get crazy with stuff, like chests and more.  So please, I cordially invite you to check out the Etsy store, shop around, hell invite your friends, your family, your boss, your friend's boss, even your friend's boss' family, and get the warm fuzzies knowing you're supporting the arts and looking mah-velous at the same time.

Every dime I make in sales goes towards improving my tools and materials, so I'm not building a Versailles like that @$$hat running Westgate Hotels who thinks his mansion is more important than his employees.  Nope, I'm constantly working to bring you, my most important cause, better product.

Stay awesome and save me a cold Icehouse!  Hey, I never said I had expensive taste, just a thirsty one!  ROFL....

-Nick The Stitch

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