Friday, October 12, 2012

Project Shark Jump Fail Rough-Draft Photos!

Hey Stitchers!  Nick The Stitch here and man what a gorgeous day it was here in North Florida.  Not that warm, but the sun felt great as I worked on Project Shark Jump Fail and a custom job.  Thanks to everyone who has joined the group so far, and given your support, it is greatly appreciated; if you've just joined us, welcome and grab a cold drink of your choice, doesn't have to be alcoholic either.  :)

Okay, so I've been talking nonstop about this crazy "Project Shark Jump Fail" that is going to be incredibly cool for toddlers and young kids, and help them get skills and hand-eye coordination, at least until the parents get annoyed.  But then what really cool toy DOESN'T annoy parents -- hell, just look at Teddy Ruxpin!

Here's the ROUGH DRAFT photos, I still need to paint it but that'll be done in the morning.  (BTW, a huge thank-you to Marylin for the lead on really affordable and durable, kid-friendly paint at Lowes!)

First, the main part.... (size: 9 inches deep, 12 inches wide, 8 inches tall)

Next, the pegs and hammer... (pegs (6) 3/4" diameter, 4 inches long; hammer 6" long and 2" a side)

And altogether now....

The colors are going to be blue for the board, yellow for the legs, green for the mallet head, and the handle and pegs will likely be bare.

I plan to have this baby on the Etsy store sometime Saturday night around midnight, but you never know, I'm crazy enough that if you're really lucky, I might give you a sneak peek.....  But who knows?  You'll just have to stay tuned, wontcha?  Heheheehe...

Until next time, stay awesome!  Thanks for all you do to support us, and please recommend us to your friends or people who might want hand-made toys and other goodies.  This is definitely NOT Wal-Mart crap, it's built in America by a red-blooded American.

--Nick The Stitch
614-321-5009 for questions or to order anything, even custom work!

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