Saturday, October 13, 2012

Introducing... the REAL Project Shark Jump Fail!

Hey Stitchers!  Nick The Stitch here and enjoying the beautiful weather here in North Florida, it's below 80 right now and looking to hit around 60, just a fantastic night.  Hope your weekend's been productive and above all else fun as playing Monopoly with an ATM stuck on "withdraw".

So I've been running some blog posts all week about this really cool kids' toy that I am making for the Etsy shop, and been giving you some hints and teasers about the official product.  So, being as how it's the end of the week and I've cleaned up the mess, here's.....

...the Classic Handmade Wooden Whackadoo Toy Set! (aka "Project Shark Jump Fail", size approximately 8" tall, 9" deep and 12" wide)

What does the Whackadoo whack-a-do?  You put the panel on the ground or other sturdy surface with the yellow legs, take the green hammer, and whack the bare-wood pegs through the panel until they're flush with it.  Then... you flip it over and do it all over again!

In addition, it also comes with the 6 bare-wood pegs and the hammer (replacements are available for ordering in the event you lose them).  It does NOT come with the black clipboard, that's my art drawing board.

Trust me, it's an educational skill-building toy -- it teaches hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and imagination.  And don't worry, the under-5 crowd can go for hours with this thing without wanting to stop, if you let them.

The only thing I really need to let you know is: the misuse of any parts of this product -- the panel, the legs, the pegs, and/or the hammer -- could result in personal/animal injury or property damage.  Therefore Nick The Stitch recommends adult supervision while children use it.  Nick The Stitch will not be responsible for any injuries or damages caused by improper use or abuse.

You can find everything on our Etsy store, under "Games", and at killer prices.  Holidays are coming up, and these make excellent gifts for both boys and girls ages 5 and under.

Have a whackin' good time!

-Nick The Stitch for orders and questions
614-321-5009 for phone orders

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