Monday, October 8, 2012

Hail and Welcome to Our Etsy Friends!

Hey Stitchers!  Nick the Stitch here, had a long successful day with a lot of fun stuff happening in the past 24 hours.  First off, I'd like to welcome the new crew coming in from our Etsy shop to check out a little of our craftiness.  We're glad you came, feel free to pull up a chair, grab a hot tea or cider, and your latest project, crafting is always better with others.  If you find you like this blog, and you're on Google+, I would love to add you to my circles so feel free to connect either through "+Nick Moore" with the Spooky Kitty face or by using

Today was an educational day too.  Tried to make a train whistle, and although I had nailed the design almost perfectly (as almost perfectly as one can with a small carving knife and a block of wood), I did accidentally forget one very small but essential step.

Whistles, of any type or style, are made of a minimum of two parts -- the outer shell, which has an intake valve that you blow through and an outtake vent which is where the air escapes and is shaped; the other is something solid but able to vibrate and create the sound waves that make up the actual "whistle sound".  If you've ever worked with a flute, clarinet, sax, or even just taken apart a cheap party favor whistle from the dollar store, that's pretty much all it takes.

I forgot the vibratey thingy.  Oops.

Thank Goddess for YouTube.  ROFL.  Now that I know how it's supposed to go, tomorrow I've gotta do some shopping for other parts for projects, so I have to find a dowel to use as a reed.  Good thing there's a really good Michael's nearby, if you're ever in need of good-quality dowels for any reason and in almost any regular (or irregular) size, those are the guys to see.  Plus they have an awesome free coupon app for your iPhone or Droid, so you can save money anytime.

Well, I gotta go for now, but there's some stuff afootOne of my friends is hiring me to do some production work, but I have absolute faith that I will have some new stuff by the end of the week (probably closer to Thursday, keep it here for updates).

Oh, one last thing... I have dropped shipping prices on my Etsy needlecrafts to as low as 29 cents, so get shopping.  St. Theresa's event this past weekend almost wiped me out, and I won't be making more of these OOAK guys, so um, yeah, check them out, and with the holidays coming up you might want to go shopping for family and friends.  Hell, we'll even dropship if you need.

Until next time, stay awesome!


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