Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Daisy Dukes Has Arrived...

...and always on time!  But then she was pretty much the only reason anyone watched.

Hey Stitchers!  Nick The Stitch here and back from an impromptu modem failure, not to worry though because I have been keeping things running in the meantime.  A huge shout-out of appreciation to everyone who still checked out the NTS Blog and the Etsy store, hopefully you got a chance to check out the Whackadoo Toy Set while you waited for the newest member of our product crew...

...our Rustic Country Upcycled Radial Wood Clock!

Yes!  This clock is hand-built from upcycled garden wood that would've otherwise had a sad fate of being thrown out.  Hey, NTS is all about reducing waste and carbon footprints, and if we can make a really cool item out of stuff, that's simply how we jellyroll.

Plus, the Rustic Clock makes an awesome conversation piece for friends and neighbors to admire or envy, even if you're nowhere near the countryside and are stuck in New York or London.  With an included 1 AA battery, clock motor (installed), and a self-aligning sawtooth hanger, it's ready to hang straight out of the shipping box!

Every grain, every nail or screw, every hole, all tell a wonderous story about where this wood's been and the things it's seen.  And now you get to own a bit of history, courtesy of Nick The Stitch.

You can either order from our Etsy store for just $49.99+S/H (U.S. only), or you can order directly from Nick The Stitch by emailing us or calling 614-321-5009 between 10AM-10PM EST (we can take credit/debit over the phone courtesy of the boys at Square, or PayPal if you really want to use them).  It's a win for you no matter how you slice it.

Feel free to check this and our Whackadoo Toy Set and Classic Solitaire Board Game on the store, and please know we are developing stuff all the time and can do custom work too.  On behalf of myself and the entire company of Nick The Stitch, thank you for everything you do and all of your support, we wish you a really awesome rest of the week.

-Nick The Stitch

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