Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Back to Work, You Lazy Corpse!

Ahhhhh, how I miss the "Dilbert" TV series from the late 90's.  Gotta love the Elbonian management!

Hey Stitchers!  Nick the Stitch here and tired as all hell, hope your day has been crazy productive too.  Got a lot done today too, so I'm happy.  Tired, but happy.  But enough kvetching, let's get to the nitty gritty!

First, I am not dead.  Things here got nuts at the shop, but it's all good and (relatively) back to normal.  Which is good.  I think.

Okay, now for that event announcement I promised, it took some negotiations but I managed to nail it... I will be hitting St. Theresa Roman Catholic Church for their "Kris Kringle Festival" on December 1st, from 8AM-2PM (11528 S. E. US Hwy 301, Belleview, Florida 34420) for Nick The Stitch.  They were really nice letting me come back to cause more mayhem, and even put me at Booth 73, right across from the Main Hall.  So look for the big blue gazebo tent with really cool looking clocks and other home decor wood stuff.  There will definitely be some clocks (including a second version), some holiday ornaments, even stuff in case you're looking for something to put on your holiday or train scenes.  As always, yes, we'll take cash... but we'll still be offering a 10% discount for all purchases paid entirely by debit/credit, courtesy of those awesome boys at Square.

And last but not least, I am building a big-a$$ wood desk for a family member who has a disability and can't use her current desk due to a new computer completely changing her desk's layout.  Got most of it designed, just need a miracle on the wood but there's a place up 441 from me that is a lumber wholesaler (sorry, Lowes, but you're just too small and expensive for this) so I might be able to score some good half-inch pine sheets.  This will also be my first time dovetailing, although they will be square-sided, not geared as I'm not ready just yet for that.

However, I will be taking a LOT of photos throughout the process, and if you like what you see, I should be able to make a similar one for you (I will have to figure out the shipping, which in all likelihood will not be cheap, but will worry about that later.)

So that's what I've been up to lately, but know it wasn't that I was bailing on you.  Sometimes things get hectic, and I do appreciate what you offer me as support.  Have a great evening and stay awesome!


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Drill, Baby, Drill!

Hey Stitchers!  Nick The Stitch here, it's getting a bit nipply out here in North Florida but y'know what?  It sure beats 95+ degree low temps in Miami!  And what a great day it was too!

Got my 8" drill press today, got a chance to look it over, and it's amazing!  Five speeds, adjustable height and angle (really cool!), weighs a friggin ton but has the moves like Jager.  Just without the Jager, but with coffee instead.

YouTube was also very educational on some tips and tricks involving using the band saw, which will come in handy once I get the feed guard from the store so I can see if the blade needs adjusting or if it's just me (which it could be).

I will have an event announcement on Monday, and hopefully by this time next week I will have another one for you as well.  Really looking forward to it, because this event organizer was really good at running the show a few weeks back and they upgraded my booth this time.

One last thing... I made a good friend this week, "+Starfox Dreamsinger", and we jammed at his place earlier.  Fox plays sax, and although he's a bit gun-shy and has a habit of stuttering and having his thoughts go faster than he can speak, he is a really cool cat.  And from what little he knows how to play, he has a knack of taking his intensity and controlling it into the notes.  If you get the chance, look him up on Google+.  Might have another jam session soon, depends on how quickly I can locate more cheese.  Apparently Fox is crazy about Brie cheese.

Until next time, stay awesome and keep doing ROAKs... you never know when you'll be in need of one.  See you Monday!


Friday, October 19, 2012

Updates on ROAK Technology and Halloween

Hey Stitchers!  Nick The Stitch here after a long day with a lot of really cool things done today.  It's just been an amazing time today, and I wanted to share an update on the equipment a neighbor gave me yesterday from a ROAK.  After the update, I do have a reminder about something important for Halloween, but...

...let's get to my new toys, shall we?

Last night, I sprayed the screws and bolts on the 20" Craftsman band saw and the B&D two-handed sander (it's got the usual long handle, and the other handle is a knob on the front top that you can grab for extra oomph) and let them soak til morning.  Figured it'd help loosen them up, and it did pretty good.

So in the morning I took the band saw apart, toyed with some of the stuff on there and got acquainted with it.  Turns out that a band saw isn't necessarily like a table saw, in that it's more like a scroll saw with a bit more power and stability for curves.  That's okay, because I can definitely work with that.  Going to be doing a LOT of practice this weekend to get the hang of it.

The sander is simply the badass-est one I've ever taken for a test drive.  I could do some serious damage with it, especially with the table-top workstation that can hold onto it a lot better than the ground-standing workstation I have now.  It will come in handy a LOT when I make more Whackadoo Toy Sets, especially for upcoming events (which I may post about on Monday for at least one of them).

In addition, I'm getting an 8" drill press from another neighbor on Wednesday at a helluva deal.  He uses his older, cast iron press more, so knowing I'm working on building my capabilities, he sold this one to me.  Best part is, it not only takes drill bits, but augers and core bits too!  No more worrying about alignment of the holes!  Super awesome!

The only downside today was that my saber saw's bevel gears failed on me, so I have to go get another one on Wednesday.  But that's fine, because believe me, I've got PLENTY to do til then.  And considering that thing lasted almost 18 months (about 6 with my dad's abusive usage) and it only cost me about $45, and all the things I've cut with it, I can't complain.

So now... onto the reminder about Halloween...

Halloween is fast approaching, and we know you've got some kids who might want a really cool pin...

...or reversible hair elastic to wear for the season.  We've got you covered.  In fact, we've slashed prices and shipping costs like Freddy, so there's no excuses as to why you can't spook things up with style.  Just hit the Etsy Store under "Halloween" and grab them while you still can!  They're going faster than a hungry zombie at a "Jeopardy!" convention!  Plus we have more stuff for games, home decor, and Goddess only knows what else!

Well, I gotta get going, so I will see you tomorrow.  In the meantime, stay awesome and hey... if you have tools or stuff that you don't or can't use anymore, and you happen to know someone or someplace that might be able to use them, why not commit a ROAK yourself and give those items to them?  You might inspire that person or organization into greatness, and you get extra karma points.

Just sayin'.

-Nick The Stitch

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Difference of Folks on ROAKs

Hey Stitchers!  Nick The Stitch here with a really cool story to share with you, because it's just more important than any product release or anything technical that would just bore you to tears otherwise.  So I'd like to share a ROAK (random act of kindness) that happened this morning, courtesy of a really cool neighbor.

I have to admit, I am a city folk.  I lived in hustle and bustle, the rush and flow of the now now now, always chasing the buck.  Don't get me wrong, I've experienced country life and camping, but not as much as I'd like to.  In fact, if I had the chance, I'd find a small, comfy house surrounded by about 2 square miles of pure forest, just to get away from the world.

Circumstances made me relocate from Fort Lauderdale, Florida (a hub of hubbub) to the restful area of Summerfield, FL; my now-ex-fiancee was reneging (sp?) on a lot of promises she made and focused everything she and I did around her son, who physically assaulted me without getting punished, and also my folks needed an extra hand around the house and gardens.  So on a pure whim, I packed up and headed to North Central Florida back at the end of January.

Over the past 9 months, I've learned a lot of things about real people.  Granted, everyone keeps to themselves around here, but they also keep an eye for when a neighbor or friend needs help, whether it's building something, taking down something, maintaining something, stepping up to bat for a sick neighbor, that sort.  They do it without thinking twice, and they know who's got credibility and who doesn't.

In the country, a man's reputation is his credit score.  In the city, it's the opposite.

So what am I talking about with this ROAK from this morning?  Glad you asked.

I've been wanting to get some major power tools -- namely a band saw, scroll saw, table saw, drill press, better work table, etc. -- for several months, but having a limited income with a lot of debts to pay off (which I'm not complaining about at all for two reasons: 1) I made the debt, it's mine to deal with, and 2) Robert Kiyasaki of "Rich Dad Poor Dad" once said he enjoys having creditors because it gives him a reason to get up and work every morning) it's not easy but it is doable.  All in all, I was looking at about $1200 of equipment, new.

So I was talking to one of my neighbors, Ray, whom I have helped on numerous occasions moving stuff and watering his huge gardens while he was OOT for 3 weeks, and he offered me his drill press that he wasn't using (he had a cast iron one that he was using instead) for $20.  Something like that goes for a lot more, and he also offered some of his templates and scrap wood if I needed.

This morning, at breakfast, another neighbor, Roy (there's like 3 R's as neighbors, and at one time two Dee's), stops by and over the course of about an hour, traded me several pieces of his dad's equipment and building parts for helping his mom with raking up the leaves in her yard.  Apparently he had seen me making the Rustic Wall Clock and figured I could use a band saw and a sander (which actually, yes, I could), and so he wanted the machines put to good use since he didn't need them.

At this point of the day, I'm letting the WD-40 soak into the gears so it'll lube up, and in the morning I'm going to finish refurbing the machines.  But just the idea that Roy and Ray would do what they do, no questions asked, no prodding, just because they like how I operate, it's really, really giving me hope that maybe humanity isn't entirely cold at heart.

I'm just having a really great day, and I thought I'd share it with you.  Sound off if you've had a tremendous ROAK happen that helped you with the things you do.

In the meantime, stay awesome.  And love thy neighbor, because they might return the favor someday.

-Nick The Stitch

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Daisy Dukes Has Arrived...

...and always on time!  But then she was pretty much the only reason anyone watched.

Hey Stitchers!  Nick The Stitch here and back from an impromptu modem failure, not to worry though because I have been keeping things running in the meantime.  A huge shout-out of appreciation to everyone who still checked out the NTS Blog and the Etsy store, hopefully you got a chance to check out the Whackadoo Toy Set while you waited for the newest member of our product crew...

...our Rustic Country Upcycled Radial Wood Clock!

Yes!  This clock is hand-built from upcycled garden wood that would've otherwise had a sad fate of being thrown out.  Hey, NTS is all about reducing waste and carbon footprints, and if we can make a really cool item out of stuff, that's simply how we jellyroll.

Plus, the Rustic Clock makes an awesome conversation piece for friends and neighbors to admire or envy, even if you're nowhere near the countryside and are stuck in New York or London.  With an included 1 AA battery, clock motor (installed), and a self-aligning sawtooth hanger, it's ready to hang straight out of the shipping box!

Every grain, every nail or screw, every hole, all tell a wonderous story about where this wood's been and the things it's seen.  And now you get to own a bit of history, courtesy of Nick The Stitch.

You can either order from our Etsy store for just $49.99+S/H (U.S. only), or you can order directly from Nick The Stitch by emailing us or calling 614-321-5009 between 10AM-10PM EST (we can take credit/debit over the phone courtesy of the boys at Square, or PayPal if you really want to use them).  It's a win for you no matter how you slice it.

Feel free to check this and our Whackadoo Toy Set and Classic Solitaire Board Game on the store, and please know we are developing stuff all the time and can do custom work too.  On behalf of myself and the entire company of Nick The Stitch, thank you for everything you do and all of your support, we wish you a really awesome rest of the week.

-Nick The Stitch

Monday, October 15, 2012

Product Sneeky Peek: When Daisy Duke met Marty McFly..

Hey Stitchers!  Nick The Stitch here, so glad you made it and I really hope you're having as awesome a week as I am.  Normally I try to post stuff every day on the NTS Blog but there's really two days I don't, as policy... my birthday, and Sundays.  I mean if Tim Tebow can work on Sundays, then I can slack off because he doesn't work the other 6 days (and I do), it all balances out.

For the most part.  Anyway, back to the matter at hand.

Saturday night I uploaded the Whackadoo Toy Set on my Etsy shop, and the response has been amazing and inspiring.  If you have no fartin' idea what I'm talking about, check it out and see the awesome kids' toy.  It's simple, educational, skill-buildable, and really affordable especially with the holidays coming up and you don't just want to buy your kid another iPhone (they don't make apps like this!)

So, in the follow-up of the Whackadoo, let me introduce to you....

...the Rustic Handmade Birdhouse Wall Clock!  Made of upcycled wood that would've ended up in a landfill, it reduces the carbon footprint, is battery-operated (1 AA included), and is NOT found in Wal-Mart.  But only because it's too awesome for them.  Plus, even if you're really bad at hanging anything evenly, we've got you covered with our handy self-balancing sawtooth hanger on the back.  Here's a 3/4-shot of it....

(Dimensions: 11.5 inches / 29.25 cm wide -- 11 inches / 27.5 inches tall -- 3.5 inches / ~9 cm deep)

We'll be putting this baby on the Etsy shop under "Rustic Clocks" tomorrow by noon EST (link activation to be made then), at the low low price of $49.99 plus S/H.  This is only the first in a series of different designs, and looks great for that country-esque chic you've been looking for to have when the Kardashians or Honey Badger come to visit.

And even if they don't, you'll still be the envy of your friends.  If you're looking for a really cool gift for a friend or neighbor who's into unusual stuff, email me or give me a call between 10AM-10PM EST for ordering.  I have a Square, so yes I can take credit/debit, plus I also have PayPal (but only if you REALLY still use PP).  Ships out in about 3-5 business days.

So I will see you soon, got a few more surprises this week for you.  Until next time, stay awesome!

Because hell yeah, I BUILT THAT!


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Introducing... the REAL Project Shark Jump Fail!

Hey Stitchers!  Nick The Stitch here and enjoying the beautiful weather here in North Florida, it's below 80 right now and looking to hit around 60, just a fantastic night.  Hope your weekend's been productive and above all else fun as playing Monopoly with an ATM stuck on "withdraw".

So I've been running some blog posts all week about this really cool kids' toy that I am making for the Etsy shop, and been giving you some hints and teasers about the official product.  So, being as how it's the end of the week and I've cleaned up the mess, here's.....

...the Classic Handmade Wooden Whackadoo Toy Set! (aka "Project Shark Jump Fail", size approximately 8" tall, 9" deep and 12" wide)

What does the Whackadoo whack-a-do?  You put the panel on the ground or other sturdy surface with the yellow legs, take the green hammer, and whack the bare-wood pegs through the panel until they're flush with it.  Then... you flip it over and do it all over again!

In addition, it also comes with the 6 bare-wood pegs and the hammer (replacements are available for ordering in the event you lose them).  It does NOT come with the black clipboard, that's my art drawing board.

Trust me, it's an educational skill-building toy -- it teaches hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and imagination.  And don't worry, the under-5 crowd can go for hours with this thing without wanting to stop, if you let them.

The only thing I really need to let you know is: the misuse of any parts of this product -- the panel, the legs, the pegs, and/or the hammer -- could result in personal/animal injury or property damage.  Therefore Nick The Stitch recommends adult supervision while children use it.  Nick The Stitch will not be responsible for any injuries or damages caused by improper use or abuse.

You can find everything on our Etsy store, under "Games", and at killer prices.  Holidays are coming up, and these make excellent gifts for both boys and girls ages 5 and under.

Have a whackin' good time!

-Nick The Stitch for orders and questions
614-321-5009 for phone orders

Friday, October 12, 2012

Project Shark Jump Fail Rough-Draft Photos!

Hey Stitchers!  Nick The Stitch here and man what a gorgeous day it was here in North Florida.  Not that warm, but the sun felt great as I worked on Project Shark Jump Fail and a custom job.  Thanks to everyone who has joined the group so far, and given your support, it is greatly appreciated; if you've just joined us, welcome and grab a cold drink of your choice, doesn't have to be alcoholic either.  :)

Okay, so I've been talking nonstop about this crazy "Project Shark Jump Fail" that is going to be incredibly cool for toddlers and young kids, and help them get skills and hand-eye coordination, at least until the parents get annoyed.  But then what really cool toy DOESN'T annoy parents -- hell, just look at Teddy Ruxpin!

Here's the ROUGH DRAFT photos, I still need to paint it but that'll be done in the morning.  (BTW, a huge thank-you to Marylin for the lead on really affordable and durable, kid-friendly paint at Lowes!)

First, the main part.... (size: 9 inches deep, 12 inches wide, 8 inches tall)

Next, the pegs and hammer... (pegs (6) 3/4" diameter, 4 inches long; hammer 6" long and 2" a side)

And altogether now....

The colors are going to be blue for the board, yellow for the legs, green for the mallet head, and the handle and pegs will likely be bare.

I plan to have this baby on the Etsy store sometime Saturday night around midnight, but you never know, I'm crazy enough that if you're really lucky, I might give you a sneak peek.....  But who knows?  You'll just have to stay tuned, wontcha?  Heheheehe...

Until next time, stay awesome!  Thanks for all you do to support us, and please recommend us to your friends or people who might want hand-made toys and other goodies.  This is definitely NOT Wal-Mart crap, it's built in America by a red-blooded American.

--Nick The Stitch
614-321-5009 for questions or to order anything, even custom work!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Things I Learned Today and an Update

Hey Stitchers!  Nick The Stitch here with a cold one of your choice on tap, because it's Happy Hour somewhere right now!  And I'm very, very happy to have you here, I know you could be anywhere you wanted...

...hey!  Hey!!  Eyes here buddy!  Okay, I'll make this quick and (relatively) painless.

First the update.  Project Shark Jump Fail is halfway-done, got the parts made, just need to get everything painted and assembled, that's on my to-do list for after morning coffee.  Had to spend some time manufacturing a custom-made clock for a client, which is kinda fun.  Was upcycling used wood, which is a tempermental thing in itself.  (Note: I used fresh pine for Shark tho.)

But other than that, the Shark is jumping well.  Just need about 3 hours to get the thing wrapped up altogether, most of that's just the glue and paint drying.

Now for the Thing Nick Learned Today While Working on Wood...

...which is, if you've got a wood-coring drill bit in a certain size, don't be lazy and use an auger drill bit of the same size.  There's probably a damn good reason it's available, like, I dunno, it's more stable in mid-use?

12 days until I get my scroll saw... and then I can really get crazy with stuff, like chests and more.  So please, I cordially invite you to check out the Etsy store, shop around, hell invite your friends, your family, your boss, your friend's boss, even your friend's boss' family, and get the warm fuzzies knowing you're supporting the arts and looking mah-velous at the same time.

Every dime I make in sales goes towards improving my tools and materials, so I'm not building a Versailles like that @$$hat running Westgate Hotels who thinks his mansion is more important than his employees.  Nope, I'm constantly working to bring you, my most important cause, better product.

Stay awesome and save me a cold Icehouse!  Hey, I never said I had expensive taste, just a thirsty one!  ROFL....

-Nick The Stitch

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

NTS Announcement: "Project Shark Jump Fail"

Hey Stitchers!  Nick the Stitch here and glad you are too!  Man what a crazy day it's been, chasing cars, sniffing for Milk-Bones and digging holes for no apparent reason... no, wait, that's my dog's to-do list.  Hmm.  Well, at any rate, I hope your day's been productive so far, because mine has!

So what do we have here?  Well, it ain't "CSI: Miami", I can tell ya that!  Here's the deal, Sparky.

We're developing a line of old-school handmade wooden toys for kids and young kids, mostly to teach dexterity and spatial stuff that the under-7 crowd would love.  Colorful things that stack, motor things that track, and "Project Shark Jump Fail" which makes a lovely sound of "whack!"

"Shark" is based on a toy I used to have, waaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy back in the day (okay, more like 1982 or 1983, but who's counting?).  It's a panel on four legs, and has 6 pegs and a small mallet.  I loved that toy, would spend hours pounding the crap out of it.  At least til my dad got tired of the noise and, despite Frank Lloyd Wright's advocating I go into architecture school, took it away.  Then again, he DID give me a real hammer and some nails, and told me to fix the fence.

For some strange reason, the fence was already in perfect shape and didn't need any work at all.  M3h.  Oh well.

The best part is, "Shark" is completely customizable on design colors.  We'll have a couple different primary and secondary color sets, or you can have it completely bare and work with your kids on coloring it any way you want it.  Don't get me wrong, I have an army of color specialists, but there are no better color specialists than customers, because they always know how it jelly rolls.

Should have something by the end of tomorrow, so keep it locked here.  In the meantime, check out the Etsy shop and feel free to shop around for end-of-holiday stuff, with everything reduced.

And hey, if you need something custom-made, why not email meHolidays are coming up and nothing says "ho ho ho" like something from the heart.

Stay awesome!

-Nick The Stitch

Monday, October 8, 2012

Hail and Welcome to Our Etsy Friends!

Hey Stitchers!  Nick the Stitch here, had a long successful day with a lot of fun stuff happening in the past 24 hours.  First off, I'd like to welcome the new crew coming in from our Etsy shop to check out a little of our craftiness.  We're glad you came, feel free to pull up a chair, grab a hot tea or cider, and your latest project, crafting is always better with others.  If you find you like this blog, and you're on Google+, I would love to add you to my circles so feel free to connect either through "+Nick Moore" with the Spooky Kitty face or by using

Today was an educational day too.  Tried to make a train whistle, and although I had nailed the design almost perfectly (as almost perfectly as one can with a small carving knife and a block of wood), I did accidentally forget one very small but essential step.

Whistles, of any type or style, are made of a minimum of two parts -- the outer shell, which has an intake valve that you blow through and an outtake vent which is where the air escapes and is shaped; the other is something solid but able to vibrate and create the sound waves that make up the actual "whistle sound".  If you've ever worked with a flute, clarinet, sax, or even just taken apart a cheap party favor whistle from the dollar store, that's pretty much all it takes.

I forgot the vibratey thingy.  Oops.

Thank Goddess for YouTube.  ROFL.  Now that I know how it's supposed to go, tomorrow I've gotta do some shopping for other parts for projects, so I have to find a dowel to use as a reed.  Good thing there's a really good Michael's nearby, if you're ever in need of good-quality dowels for any reason and in almost any regular (or irregular) size, those are the guys to see.  Plus they have an awesome free coupon app for your iPhone or Droid, so you can save money anytime.

Well, I gotta go for now, but there's some stuff afootOne of my friends is hiring me to do some production work, but I have absolute faith that I will have some new stuff by the end of the week (probably closer to Thursday, keep it here for updates).

Oh, one last thing... I have dropped shipping prices on my Etsy needlecrafts to as low as 29 cents, so get shopping.  St. Theresa's event this past weekend almost wiped me out, and I won't be making more of these OOAK guys, so um, yeah, check them out, and with the holidays coming up you might want to go shopping for family and friends.  Hell, we'll even dropship if you need.

Until next time, stay awesome!


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Back and Fired Up!

Hey Stitchers!  Nick the Stitch here with an update, finally!  Thank you all for your patience, I had a helluva time at St. Theresa Roman Catholic's Fall Festival with Project Asylum Magazine's Tuna Lick.  Tuna, you are one crazy man, and that was WITHOUT coffee!  (Mental note: Jesus is NOT a zombie!  Tho he IS quite lively for a dead guy.)  It was a fantastic time, got a lot of people interested in our stuff, and we made a few sales.  Thanks to everyone who showed up or just offered support for our efforts.

Now that I've recovered the sleep I needed, here's what I have to offer.

You may have read in a previous post that we're changing gears because of some physical issues.  (If you haven't, you might want to read the previous posts, just to get some idea how crazy we get with crafting.  Then again, why not tell a friend about us too, that way they can enjoy the Stitcher Life.)  This is still very much in progress.  I might be able to get some more stitch work done, but my wrist just can't do what it used to.  Sucks getting old.  Even at 35.

However... on Oct. 24th I will be getting a really sw33t Skil scroll saw from Lowes, and will start making woodcrafted goods that are utilitarian in nature.  Stuff like home decor, gardening, and games.  Stuff you might want to use.  But here's the catch... aside from the games, we're aiming to make these home decor and gardening stuff as kits that you can assemble with a little water-resistant wood glue.

That's right, we make the parts, and you get the honor of not only building it, but you can also do any type of designing you want on it.  Burn it.  Carve it.  Paint or stain it.  We don't care, as long as YOU express YOUR creativity.

Still working on the shipping part of things, being as how wood is slightly heavy, but I think we'll have the kinks worked out by early November and listed in time for Thanksgiving shopping.  But rest assured, you will have an awesome time seeing what we've got coming.

I'll have more to share in the next day or so, so be good and stay awesome, okay?


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

First Peek: Game On!

Hey Stitchers!  Nick here with that handy dandy promised announcement of NTS's first woodcrafted product line, and it's a doozy alright!  So grab some coffee and a chair because...'s in the bag!!!!  ROFL...

...seriously, tho, I'm proud to announce the first of our gameboards for your personal enjoyment and mental puzzles.  This is what we came up with...

Nick The Stitch is proud to release our Handcrafted Rustic Complete Solitaire Game Set.  Possibly one of the oldest, most famous one-player games in existence that promises a different play every time.

The game has 32 "markers" (I'm including the marbles), which must leapfrog each other either forward, backward, left or right, with the ultimate goal of 1 marker in the very center.

Sounds easy, right?  Well, why not check it out here at our Etsy store and order one, I promise you won't be bored -- it is extremely, extremely (did I mention extremely?) addictive.  We have them available in natural and cherry, and they usually ship within 3-5 business days.

One of the best things about our Classic Solitaire Game Set is that it's great for entrepreneurs and kids, essentially ages 5 to 500.  It's handcarved, the pouches are hand-sewn, and it even comes with instructions for the new players.  If you ever wanted something fun and effective at whiling away a rainy afternoon, I can't think of anything else old-school that could do the trick.

So what are you waiting for??  Check it out!  And if you want, yes, we will dropship to a relative and yes, we also can do large orders if you want to blanket-gift your relatives or clients... after all, the holidays are coming up... just email me, it's easier than calling me because I'm online all the time when I'm not building stuff.

If the weather holds up, I'll have something by Friday night to show you as well.  But like the secret Friday release, time will tell.

Until next time, stay awesome!

-Nick The Stitch

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Super Not-So-Secret Secret Update

Hey there Stitchers!  Nick here with a little update on the not-so-secret secret project I'm working on.  I admit I've been naughty and not sharing my goodies with you, but I have a feeling that when you see what it is I've got in store and in the store (planning for release Friday afternoon) you'll forgive me.

Okay, so here's what I can tell you.  As you know, we're not focusing solely on needlecrafting, but also spending some time on other media.  One of those mediums is woodcrafting, something I do enjoy a lot.

At the moment we've got two wooden solitaire boards, complete with board, 33 marbles (32 to play, 1 as a spare), instructions on how to play, and a pouch for the marbles and the entire set.  I personally hand-carved the gutter and the Celtic designs, as well as varnished it and sewn the pouches.  There may be a third one being made in the next week, but for now there's two.  It's a fun game, 2 minutes to learn and a lifetime of aggravational mastering.  Oh, and did I mention it's highly addictive?

Tomorrow, I will give you another update on our not-so-secret secret updates, and I might have photos if you're really good.  I'll give you a small hint... time flies when you're having fun.

So if you'll excuse me, I'm off like Octomom's bith control pills.  Don't forget to hit our Google+ and Facebook page, and also our Etsy store which will be going through some major evolutionary improvements for your personal satisfaction and shopping enjoyment.

Until next time... stay awesome!

-Nick the Stitch