Friday, August 10, 2012

Pumpkins in your FACE--book!

Hey there Planet Earth, Nick the Stitch here.  Wanted to send you on your way to another amazing weekend with some good vibes and a smile, courtesy of none other than our Grinning Pumpkin King(pin)...

...who never has a bad day.  He's always so happy it makes us need a hug from him too.  You can find this little guy right here, so feel free to check him out and if you know a kid or adult who could use a friend of mischief, he's only $9.99 plus shipping (free shipping in U.S. with code "DOGDAYS2012" until Aug. 31st)

On other important news, we are NOW on Facebook!  Either look us up under "Nick The Stitch" or click here for the NTS Page.  Like us, love us, hate us, we'll still update 2-3 times a week (more often if we get a break from replenishing our stock, these guys go quick I tell you what!)  Plus, I might have prizes for small contests... you never know.......

And even if you're not looking for handcrafted, Halloween cross-stitch hair and clothing accessories, why not bookmark us or, even better, recommend us to people?  We love what we do, and we're also available for custom-orders and we also offer bulk discounts for orders over 50 sets of a design (I'd say "pieces" but the small hair elastics are 2 pieces to a set, hence "set").

Regarding getting out and "kissing hands and shaking babies", we are planning to hit Undergrounds Coffeehaus' September crafting sale.  These guys bring out the coffeenistas and the beatnik flair with movies, racks of books to read and games to play with your soon-to-be-new-friends there, and the coffee's not bad with their desserts either.  Will keep you posted.

Well I gotta get back to production, but please, support the arts regardless of whom the artists are that you support.  We bring beautiful music to a sad world.  Until next time, stay awesome!

-Nick The Stitch
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