Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pre-Event Announcement: Aug 29

Hey Stitchers!  Great to see you again in this neck of the woods, and I am very, very thrilled to see more people who appreciate and support the arts and crafting communities.  Sometimes it's easy to get discouraged, because handmade cross-stitched pins, hair accessories and other forms of mayhem in yarn isn't always as sexy and supermodelly (is that even a word?  If Palin can make up "refudiate", then hell yeah, I think it'll work) as politics or international spy work.

But make no mistake about it... YOU are why I wake up in the morning looking forward to making these fantastic bits of sunshine like:

...I mean c'mon, you'd have to be Florida Gov. Rick Scott not to like these guys.  So for everyone who has hit the NTS blog, visited (and favorited) the NTS Etsy shop, joined us on Facebook and Google+, or just said "Hey, when's your next event?"...

...a huge and hearty "THANK YOU!!!!!"

So here's the deal, Sparky... this Saturday from 8AM-12PM, we'll be at the Wildwood Growers Market for their weekly event (although the WGM is weekly, we will at best be there twice a month due to the other fairs and festivals we've got scheduled).  And as anyone who has spent time in a festival or even Disney World knows from experience, actual hard cash is a valuable resource especially if you're walking around in the Florida mugginess.  You don't want to run out of dollar bills for water or food or something like that, and paying for a bottle of water with a credit or debit card seems a little ridiculous.

Why not stop by the Nick The Stitch tent, buy stuff, and SAVE 10% (and your now freed-up cash) automatically by paying with your credit or debit card?

Yes, we will still take cash, but if you pay for your entire purchase (no split-payments) using your debit or credit card, I will knock 10% off your final price right then and there.  You don't have to ask.  You don't have to haggle.  You just pay with your card.  It's that easy.

And it's all powered by the folks at Square.  Gotta love those guys, and when you see your savings on the receipt, you will tooNick The Stitch will be offering this deal at every fair, festival, and market as long as the organizers will let us, so this isn't a one-time deal.

So let Nick The Stitch help you save more than money, this could help make the trip to the Growers Market.

Stay awesome, and see you Saturday!

-Nick The Stitch

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