Saturday, August 4, 2012

Got chapstick?

I discovered something amazing and so low-tech.  And it costs about $1.99 and lasts a really, really long time.

For some reason, when I do an excessive amount of cross-stitching, the side of my right index finger gets a nasty separation of the skin.  Kinda like a deep paper cut, but without the paper, and it hurts.  Usually when I don't do stitching for a week, it goes away.


If you have this problem, get a tube of Blistex chapstick and rub it into the cut every couple hours, and if you stay off it for a day or so, it heals really really quickly.  It also works well with cuts you get on joints and bending parts of the body, plus it does well for keeping lips moist too.

Thought I'd share a really crazy tip, because you never really expect these things to work half the time.  And here's something that I want to share that will really make your day...

-Nick the Stitch

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