Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First-ever NTS Contest!

Hey Stitchers!  Nick the Stitch here to announce something BIG!  Something SHINY!  And it's NOT a red button!  (Sorry, Stimpy!)  But it could be yours!!!

Okay, here's the deal.

The online Nick The Stitch store has just crossed 100 hits in the last 27 days it's been open, and we've been seeing a lot of love.  I mean, cmon, who wouldn't love this little guy...

or this fellow here...

I mean, cmon, even Voldemort would get mushy at the sight of these pins!

Well, now YOU can win one!  Here's how....

1) If you haven't already, join the Nick The Stitch Facebook Page.  When you do, you'll automatically qualify.  And if you already have joined, great... now get your friends and family to do it too!

2) As of 10:36 PM EST Tuesday, August 21st, 2012, the online store has registered 100 hits (combined store and item hits).  When the store reaches 150 hits (that's 50 hits from now)...

3) ...all of the NTS fans at that time will be put into a random drawing.  So I don't know how soon or how quickly that will be, but you can bet if you're an NTS fan on FB, you'll be getting updates.

4) ONE NTS FB winner will receive ONE PIN of his or her choice, absolutely free, worldwide.  No worries about postage, or shipping, or any of that nonsense, though it will be sent via Post Office.  (Actual value between $6.48 and $24.98, depending on item and destination.)

It's just that simple.  Now here's the disclaimers you need to know so we all play fair...

A) Odds of winning are 1:7,000,000,000.  Joining the NTS fan page as a member does not automatically make you a winner, but it does qualify you as long as you remain a fan during contest.  Should you decide to unlike or leave the NTS page, you will not qualify for contest until you rejoin.

B) Prize is one free pin of winner's selection, to be mailed via postal service to any location worldwide free of charge and shipping.  As such, it is the winner's responsibility to ensure the proper address is given to Nick The Stitch so winner can receive prize in timely manner.

C) Random drawing consisted of blind drawing from a pool of NTS page fans at time of 150 hits being reached.  All others who are not NTS page fans past that event will not qualify, so you might want to join, like, now.

D) We seriously do not know when the 150 hits will be reached, as we do not control the weather or when the dog chews on the sofa.  Hit-stuffing will not help, especially if you're not an NTS Page fan.  So just join and tell your friends and family to join as well.

E) This is a marketing contest designed solely for publicity and NTS awareness and not an endorsement of NTS.  We figured it'd be a great way to get the world to show how cool you look with our stuff on.

That's all!  Now get on it!

-Nick The Stitch
nickthestitch@gmail.com for questions or comments
614-321-5009 (Google)

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