Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dance, Space Monkey, Dance!

So it's been a very unusual week here at Nick The Stitch.  First we set up a Facebook page for the computer-savvy fans, then we set up a Merchant Circle page for the business-savvy fans, then after 5 days of waiting past when it was supposed to be delivered our business cards arrived.  We were like, "Okay, NOW what?"

Then it teleported itself, right into our hot little hand...

(Well... it's Florida in August.  What, you were expecting Snowmaggeddon?)

"Hello there Earthling!  My name is Dancing Space Monkey, not to be confused with Justin Beiber.  I am here in search of intelligent motorized vehicles."

I looked at Mr. Not-The-Beiber.  "Um, don't you mean 'intelligent life forms'?"

"Nope!  Already got that covered back in Roswell.  And I noticed you have a very wise Ford truck."

I grinned.  "Yeah, she's the best.  She's 15 years old and we've traveled many a long road together."

Dancing Space Monkey got up and did what I guess dancing space monkeys do... the moonwalk.  "I must communicate with this most wisestest of vehicles!"

So I took him to my truck and set him down.

He's been hanging around my truck ever since.

And boy can the little guy bust a move.  Hamma-time!  Check him out here on my Etsy store for more details.  Don't forget... if you want to order him, use code "DOGDAYS2012" til August 31st for free shipping in the U.S. and to give us 2-3 days to make him, he's 28 small parts and a cord.

Until next time!  "Shock the monkey!" -- Peter Gabriel

-Nick the Stitch

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