Friday, August 3, 2012

Back to Business -- Some Thoughts

Where every day is a fantastic opportunity to bring a little sunshine to a weary soul, a sad friend, or a to pep your own step.  And isn't that what we all need, really, in the end?

So I've been working on getting more stock for the Etsy store over the past week, and working on getting the Etsy store where it's easily accessible and noticeable.  So if you happen to be wandering over there and find something cute, kitcshy and cross-stitched, it might likely be a Nick the Stitch creation.  Through our expanded marketing program, we've been adding visibilty for our products and considering we have only been doing it since this morning, things look good.

That being said, we also recognize the fact (and from my experience as a web marketer for various stores and several of my past companies) that it doesn't really matter how cool and flashy and whiz-bangy your online store or website is... even in this day and age of bits and bytes and social media and Google and god knows what else, nothing beats getting out there in person and doing the markets, the fairs, the events, just meeting and talking and showing physical product.

With that in mind, I did want to let you know that I'm working on getting into a farmer's market in Wildwood, FL on the mornings of Saturday, August 11th and 18th from 8AM-12PM.  I say "working" because the guy in charge isn't as proficient at returning calls as most people would have the patience for.  But that's okay.  That's business.  Sometimes you need a little elbow grease and thick skin to do this crafting thing.

That's the one thing I've learned in so many customer-service industries (be it bartending, retail, libraries, insurance, etc.)... you can't let failures and setbacks kill your mojo, otherwise you might want to find another type of gig that doesn't rely on other people (good luck finding one).

I know it sounds easy to grasp, and it is... but it's something that "takes 30 seconds to learn and a lifetime to master."  However, if you manage to put it into your mindset, you can handle almost any issue, difficulty, or struggle.  And trust me, in crafting like any other customer-service industry, you're going to face a LOT of walking Oscar the Grouches.  They're going to nickle-and-dime you.  They're going to treat you like you're a n00b even if you've been doing this for 500 years.  They're going to complain that the colors aren't the right shade, it's too big, too small, too this or that, or they don't like this little guy at all...

Think of these Oscars as practice for international business negotiations, even if you'll never see the inside of a Dubai or Hong Kong corporate headquarters.  And for those of us crafters who learn to not swallow the verbal nonsense but let it blow past, it makes us stand apart from the call-me-maybes.

And if you're an Oscar... what's not to like about that smiley guy?

Just some thoughts.  Keep on smiling.  And don't forget to visit our site and get free shipping with code "DOGDAYS2012" at checkout, no minimums.

-Nick The Stitch

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